As a certain, infeasibly tall television presenter is fond of opining in his less controversial moments, there’s never really a good reason not to buy a Ford.  

Of course, this is perfectly true.  Sure, there are some people who view the little blue oval from a mildly snobbish angle, but their misguided disdain isn’t a reason for us more sensible folk not to buy one.  Also worth bearing in mind is that, for every bog-standard Fiesta, Escort, Sierra or Focus, there has also been an XR, RS or Cosworth to set your pulse racing and your trousers on fire.

According to the latest rumblings from the car giant, 2015 is likely to be a bumper year for new models with almost every part of the range seeing completely new or redesigned models and additions.

For those of an outdoor persuasion – or an overwhelming desire to transport the kids the 3 miles to school in something capable of driving up a small mountain – there will be a new Kuga and a new Edge, while those with larger than average families will be able to choose from an all new Galaxy or S-Max, a new C-Max or the larger Grand C-Max.

The Mondeo range is being extended to include a twin turbo 2.0 Diesel, a Hybrid/Electric model and the introduction of the Vignale, an uber-luxury bespoke model that caters for the terminally busy with dedicated phone assist and a concierge-style, collect and deliver, servicing option.

For those of us who prefer our Fords to be of a more, in-your-face persuasion there will be a new Focus ST joining the recently announced RS.  The ST will soon be available in 5 door and estate versions as well as, wait for it, a Diesel.  If that petroleum ocean isn’t deep enough to get your boat off it’s moorings then Ford have an even bigger surprise for 2015:  For the first time, and 50 years too late, the new Mustang will be available in the UK, in right hand drive.  Yes, you did hear correctly, if you fancy a sliver of American muscle you can soon get it with the steering wheel on the proper side of the car.  The only real decision will be whether to go for the more european fuel-cost friendly 2.3l EcoBoost or sod the cost and go full-bore 5.0l V8.  

To top off the new ranges there will also be a host of new toys to equip them with.  From Intelligent All Wheel Drive that monitors tyre adhesion every 16ms, adaptive steering and Pre-Collision assist with pedestrian detection – no chaps, it doesn’t measure leg length or any other vital statistics – to hands-free parallel parking and front mounted cameras to help negotiate awkward junctions and tight parking spaces.  The interior can also be fitted with Ford’s new Sync2 connectivity with voice control and 8″ touchscreen to seamlessly control phone, entertainment, climate and navigation with, what is described in the blurb, as “simple conversational language”.  Ford even say that if you tell the system, “I’m hungry”, it will automatically provide you with a list of nearby eateries.  We suspect that should you try this you’re more likely to end up with directions to Budapest but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

It looks like being a busy old year down at the local Ford dealership.  Our advice?  Don’t blink when you drive past, god knows what you’ll miss if you do…….

Words:  David Young